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September, 2009

Google Sidewiki : Annotate anything or everything

Annotating web pages is not new. Over the years, numerous companies have  offered the services to do so. None of them actually left a mark, simply because it was too much a server load to handle. But Google with its huge resources and arrays of server, would be an interesting player.  The idea is simple, […]

Manage your Internet Bandwidth.!!!

With increasing number of ISP’s all over the world the number of users using high speed internet connection have risen tremendously. Almost all of the networks in developed nations are high speed. But for people like us who live in developing nation its still a distant dream. Though there has been developments, many of us […]

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Opera Mini 5.0 Beta released…

With 30 million smiling faces, Opera delivers yet again. It unveiled its fifth generation of Opera Mini. Facing stiff competition from Mozilla’s Fennec and the Skyfire recently , Opera did a fine job in putting up a rich featured and beautified marvel. Trying its best to meet the demands and expectations one can surely say […]

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