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January, 2010

SEO: Quick (& dirty) tutorial

Here is a letter I wrote to my brother telling him how to do search engine optimization for his website for fast result. I thought I must share it to world so people canĀ  learn and suggest some ammendment(s). _________________________________________________ Hello brother, Here is the tutorial on Site Engine Optimization as you requested. Before website […]


Firefox tweak: How to download embedded videos from website without using any additional software

In this tutorial you will learn about copying embedded videos from website without using external software. The only thing you need to perform this operation is “the world’s most famous browser”, Firefox. To download a video open the webpage on which video is embedded and let the video play. When it is over, open a […]

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12 Gmail tips and tricks you probably don't use.

Here is a list of important tips that you must know to use gmail efficiently. Chating Tips: Surround the text with * to make it bold For example: *hello* becomes hello Surround text with _ to make it italics Ex: _hello_ becomes hello Surround text with – to make it strikethrough Ex: -hello- becomes hello […]


Firefox tweak: Access forums without registering

Some websites/forums ask you to register before you can see its content. Here is a firefox tweak to bypass registration process and directly see the content. Write about:config in firefox’s address bar and hit enter. If it shows you a message “This might avoid your warranty!”. Press the button “I’ll be careful, I promise”. Now […]