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February, 2014

Day2day PHP: URL Scout, Get notified when webpage changes.

I found this old drafted blog entry which I wrote in college, it never made to front page of my blog. Reminds me of my awesome college days Library was completed, views files were not, and its still missing. You wont find a full solution here, but if you could understand the library I don’t […]

How to take argument in PHP CLI script

Suppose you are writing a PHP CLI script and you need to take an argument from command line, how would you do it ? Here is how: Following is a sample program to take a string as argument and reverse it. <?php   // $argc contains number of argument sent. Name of the string is […]

Drupal 7, Installing module throws error. Update manager … to continue, provide your server connection details and ask for FTP details

While installing a module in Drupal 7 you might face this error to continue, provide your server connection details It happens when apache (or any other webserver that you are using) does not have have ┬ápermission to write into sites/default and sites/all folder. Just change the ownership (OR permission if required) of these folders and […]