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Travian Strategy: Conquering a distant village

This tutorial is for Travian (http://travian.com/) If you have 3-4 Chief and want to conquer a village which is far away (about 14:00 hrs attack time of catapults). Then you must follow this strategy.  (If you have 5 or more Chiefs just clear target village’s troop and Send all the chiefs they will do the […]



I like to code a program manually. This makes me learn from my mistakes. After coding many php applications I have noticed there is a basic procedure we repeat every time, that is creation of Class for each table in Database. This is a tedious task when done manually for each table. So I have […]

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Travian Algorithm for best rank

Travian is a browser based online game. It’s one of the most famous online game and my favorite. You can find more about it at http://www.travian.com/ After playing it for 2-3 months I have written this algorithm to get the best rank as soon as possible. The idea behind this algorithm is “More Population = […]

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