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Operating System

How to tune apache for maximum performance ?

I started with apache2 because, lets face it, it comes default with ubuntu & mac. If you are wondering “what about windows?”, then this article is not for you, xampanzee ! Before we begin. Shortest way to achieve maximum performance is to use Nginx instead of apache2 Apache is slow because of its age old […]

How to run a jar file as administrator in windows

Sometimes application needs administrator privilege during installation. If its an *.exe file, you can easily right click on it and choose “run as Administrator” option. But what if the installer is a *.jar file. To run a jar file as administrator, Run command prompt as administrator first. Start > cmd > right click > run […]

Installing Linux in pen drive

Last night my computer’s hard disk crashed. Thankfully it was under guarantee period so I gave it for repairing. Computer’s hardware was lying worthless in my desk, and I got a rare chance of experimenting. So I decided to install linux in a pen drive, although I could do that even if HDD was present, […]

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Hack windows password

Here is a small trick to hack your friend’s password. You wont be able to know old password but you surely will be able to change it. Step 1: Just start Command Prompt as an administrator. Goto Start >> All programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt (Right Click) >> Run as administrator Step 2: You […]

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