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How to tune apache for maximum performance ?

I started with apache2 because, lets face it, it comes default with ubuntu & mac. If you are wondering “what about windows?”, then this article is not for you, xampanzee ! Before we begin. Shortest way to achieve maximum performance is to use Nginx instead of apache2 Apache is slow because of its age old […]

Day2day PHP: URL Scout, Get notified when webpage changes.

I found this old drafted blog entry which I wrote in college, it never made to front page of my blog. Reminds me of my awesome college days Library was completed, views files were not, and its still missing. You wont find a full solution here, but if you could understand the library I don’t […]

How to take argument in PHP CLI script

Suppose you are writing a PHP CLI script and you need to take an argument from command line, how would you do it ? Here is how: Following is a sample program to take a string as argument and reverse it. <?php   // $argc contains number of argument sent. Name of the string is […]

Project: CODEGEN PHP | Phase I complete

Phase I of Project codegenPHP is complete. Now you can generate OOP codes using wizard where you can specify the database structure. You can check it at www.rahulprasad.com/codegen/step1.php Future of codegen Phase II: It will be able to generate PHP include file as well as SQL file. Phase III: It will generate SQL views and […]

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Project: CODEGEN PHP | Update 01

Hey my summer vacation has started.  Now I have started working on the project “Codegen PHP”. I have even left Travian (the game I like most) for this summer. I have already done some of the initial coding for the project. I have to pay more attention to its interface, gotta make it user friendly […]

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I like to code a program manually. This makes me learn from my mistakes. After coding many php applications I have noticed there is a basic procedure we repeat every time, that is creation of Class for each table in Database. This is a tedious task when done manually for each table. So I have […]

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