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Growth Hacking Twitter – How to get thousands of user in an hour

In my previous company we have been using this application to instantly get 1000s of users to our website. We called it GoMakeTwitterList. Now that I have moved on and I still have a copy of it. I thought I should share it with community.

This is how it all began. We came to know about this website called TweetCast http://tweetca.st/. It “broadcast” a tweet to all the users in a twitter list. Earlier we used to find a twitter list and tweetcast them about our website. It was working but it was slow and click through ratio was very bad.

Then we came up with an idea of automating manual process of finding twitter-lists. Thats when we created GoMakeTwitterList. It simply creates a list of online people in realtime based on specified search term.
For example if there is an election, we would create a twitter-list, using search term as politician’s name. Now that we knew that people in the list were supporter of that politician we used to tweetcast them contents which they are most likely to click on. We used to run several campaign simultaneously. It was relatively easy for us to predict what user will like to click on, as we already knew what they have tweeted recently. Thus conversion rates reached sky high.

I will walk you through the process step by step. Its divided into four parts. Setting up application, Creating List, Broadcasting Tweets & Strategy.

Setup application

  1. Download the application.
    Mac (64bit, 32bit)
    Linux (64bit, 32bit)
    Windows (32bit, 64bit)
  2. Unzip it
  3. Open config.json.txt, we need to replace the token and secret in the file. Lets create it from twitter website.
  4. Open http://apps.twitter.com/ and create a new app.
    Note: You must have confirmed twitter account to create an app. You can do that by verifying your mobile number at https://twitter.com/settings/add_phone
  5. Goto Permission tab of newly created app3
  6. Select “Read and Write” and Save (Write permission is needed to create list)4
  7. Goto ‘Keys and Access Tokens’ tab5
  8. Copy ‘Consumer key’ and paste it in config.json file next to Token
  9. Copy ‘Consumer secret’ and paste it in config.json file next to Secret
  10. Rename config.json.txt to config.json
  11. config.json file should look like
        "Token": "some random text"
        "Secret": "Some random text"
  12. Done. Application setup is complete, now we can start using it.

Creating List

Note: Remember this tool will send alot of tweet, It would be better to create a new twitter account to do that. Twitter allows you to have such user accounts. Its called bots.

We will be targeting users who like cricket to create a list say, Cricket Lovers

  1. Mac users: Right Click / Ctrl Click application, and choose “open with” > terminal
    Windows user: Double click the exe file
    Linux user: You already know what to do.
  2. If the setup was complete it will display a link. Just like the image below.
    If it can not find config.json file (or format of the json file is incorrect) it will display the steps to setup application.
  3. Open the link and authorize the application. Notice that this is the same application that you created during setup process.
  4. Copy the authorization pin and paste it back in terminal
  5. Now enter the name of the list
  6. Then enter the search term and press enter/return
  7. It will start adding people whose tweet contains specified search term (which is cricket), to the list. You can confirm it from the twitter profile of the user.

Broadcasting Tweet

Sign In

Step 1. Open http://tweetca.st/ and Sign up

Step 2. Sign in using twitter. (Authorization page)

Step 2. Sign in using twitter. (Authorization page)

Step 3. Dashboard page. Click on Lists

Step 3. Dashboard page. Click on Lists

Step 4. Tweetcast to one of the list.

Step 4. Tweetcast to one of the list.

Write a cheesy message for users in the list

Step 5. Write a cheesy message for users in the list

Step 6. Check progress, while tweet is sent to all the users in the list

Step 6. Check progress, while tweet is being sent to all the users in the list



Now that you understand how to use the tools, there are many ways you can leverage its power. This tool will let you reach thousands of online users in realtime. You can run multiple instances of the application. Most beautiful aspect of this tool is, it lets you search for user based on what they have tweeted recently. This makes it very easy for you to design your campaign.
You can use advance twitter search techniques to target users. For example if you want to search for all the people who tweeted positive thing about kejriwal in new delhi, you would use following search term.

kejriwal near:"New Delhi, Delhi" within:15mi :)

Learn more about advance search at https://twitter.com/search-advanced
Feel free to share your creative idea with us. What worked for you and your learnings.