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what is image_styles in drupal 7

By now if you have started working on drupal7, you might have faced problems with images. Its because drupal has totally revamped its image handling mechanism. I did some digging for maybe 30 mins and I was totally amazed with improvements. In this post I will be talking about image_styles. To understand image styles you […]

Embed PHP Code in CSS files.

Have you been embedding CSS Styles into PHP files just for the sake of making the styles dynamic? Ever wished to add PHP codes in CSS files itself. Here is a simple trick which will do the magic. Create a .htaccess file in your project directory preferably inside the directory where CSS files are stored. […]

Installing Linux in pen drive

Last night my computer’s hard disk crashed. Thankfully it was under guarantee period so I gave it for repairing. Computer’s hardware was lying worthless in my desk, and I got a rare chance of experimenting. So I decided to install linux in a pen drive, although I could do that even if HDD was present, […]

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Solve kaspersky’s “blacklist of licenses is corrupt” problem


Ever faced the problem that kaspersky’s blacklist licenses is corrupt and even updating antivirus does not solve the problem. It generally happens due to power failure which sometimes corrupt license data. Here is a quick solution First disable “Self defense” capability of kaspersky from settings. Then pause kaspersky and delete blacklist files. You can find […]

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Hack windows password

Here is a small trick to hack your friend’s password. You wont be able to know old password but you surely will be able to change it. Step 1: Just start Command Prompt as an administrator. Goto Start >> All programs >> Accessories >> Command Prompt (Right Click) >> Run as administrator Step 2: You […]

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Restore ubuntu after installing windows

Hello, I saw an article on recovering lost ubuntu after installing windows. I was pretty confident and installed windows 7 on my box. After that I started following the article and I was stuck with a blank grub menu during startup. I booted from ubuntu live DVD and started reading more about restoring grub. Here […]

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SEO: Quick (& dirty) tutorial

Here is a letter I wrote to my brother telling him how to do search engine optimization for his website for fast result. I thought I must share it to world so people can  learn and suggest some ammendment(s). _________________________________________________ Hello brother, Here is the tutorial on Site Engine Optimization as you requested. Before website […]


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